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Financial Results : FY 2022

  • Net Growth : Up by 56%
  • Client Acquastion : 156%
  • NET Sales Volume : +245%
  • Total Quantities Volume (Group) – 1,41,60,600
  • Total Quantities Volume ( Group) – 3,27,07,427 Up by 131%
  • Net Product Sold Volume – 3,27,07,427
  • Total Humans Serves in FY 22 – 3,27,07,427s D & ID Export : 65%
  • Since Inception Growth CAGR : 110%
  • QOQ Growth CQGR– 45%

Growth Chart

Company Journey and Milestone


Company Founded


Company Started Opreations


Company Received Award of India’s No.1 Brand in Hygiene Gloves for the Year 2020-2021


English Browne Products Exported with India’s Most Expensive Air Shipment ever in Gloves


English Browne Products Exported with India’s Most Expensive Air Shipment ever in Gloves

  • March 2021
    English Browne Products reaches to 31 Countries across globe.
  • March 2021
    English Browne Declares First Profitable Financial Year 2020-2021.
  • April 2021
    English Browne Serves ,help and support Medical sector in Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • June 21
    English Browne Awarded as India’s No.1 Brand in Hygiene Gloves for the year 2021-2022.
  • July 2021
    English Browne Declares 125% Growth in QOQ Basis.
  • July 2021
    English Browne Received ISO-13485 certification along with ASTM D6319.
  • feb 2022
    English Browne received award for Most Trusted Brand in Hygiene .
  • March 2022
    English Browne Declares Second Profitable Financial year with Growth of 150%.
  • April 2022
    English Browne India changes status to Public Limited Company.
  • May 2022
    English Browne India Launches 5 New Brands in Hygiene D2C Brands.
  • June 2022
    English Browne Copyrighted and launched Global First Complete Sanitary Pad Kit
  • June 2022
    English Browne Launched its First Baby Diaper Protection Travel Kit Globally.
  • Aug 2022
    English Browne Officialy Particpate in first International Trade fair.
  • Sep 2022
    English Browne Efforts recognised by California Public University, United States of America by offering Prestegous Honrary Doctorate to company CEO of Doctor of Technology in Specialisation in Hygiene and Technology.
  • Oct 2022
    English Browne launches Unique Hygiene Store Concept in Retail Segment.

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