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Biaper's Majestic Baby Pants (Pack of 52)


Comes with the proper kit, inside the kit we provide Hand gloves, one wipe, one diaper and a disposable bag.

Best fit for babies 1 to 4kg
Best fit for babies 4 to 8kg
Best fit for babies 8 to 12kg
Best fit for babies above 12kg
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Biaper’s Majestic  Baby Pants (majestic)

Your little one deserves  a better butt/bum partner
COMFORT - Very Comfortable to wear for your kid
LEAK PROOF - Holds the pee and poop without any leakage and no discomfort to the child
RASH FREE - Made with gentle care for the kids *to provide them with a good feel*
LONG-LASTING PROTECTION - Provides quality sleep to baby and parents with up to 12 hours of protection.
FREE DISPOSABLE BAG - We provide disposable bags along with diapers to easily dispose of the used diapers, which comes very handy especially while travelling.
HYGIENE KIT- Each diaper package comes with a Glove & Wet Wipe to ensure proper hygiene maintenance for baby and parent both.
ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING- The diapers come in non-plastic packaging which ensures the well-being of nature as well.
MULTIPLE SIZES - Diapers are available in all 4 sizes (s-m-l-xl) categorised according to the child's weight. 

Biaper’s premium baby pants are specially designed for your kid to be happy, comfortable and dry all time no matter what the day brings. With up to 12 hours of leak protection the diaper will lock the kids material inside it to give the baby a clean and hygienic experience. Our diapers feature a snug fit and flexible design, ensuring that they stay in place and move with your baby, making it easier for them to play and explore. Very handy for newly parents and ease of putting the diaper to the baby with clear identification of upwards mark on the front side. We firmly believe in utmost care for both the children and mother nature, so for this cause providing your 1st time in INDIA - Diapers coming in non-plastic packaging. We use individual paper bag packing for each diaper and the whole set of diapers in premium biodegradable packaging. Free disposable bags, a glove and a wet wipe coming along with the diapers help you easily dispose of the used diapers especially while travelling. Biaper’s diapers comes to your baby by passing all the major quality standards like- ISO, CE FDA , WHO GMP and dermatologically tested also.

According to your kid's weight Biaper’s provides diapers in variety of sizes-
Small (S) for 4-8kg
Medium (M) for 7-12kg
Large (L) for 9-14kg
Extra Large (XL) for 12-17kg

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