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Clean Bull Phenyl


  • White Phenyl Concentrate is the most commonly used disinfectant and cleaning agent for floors & working tables in houses and offices.
  • This concentrate provides long-lasting freshness and also helps in keeping away mosquitoes and flies.
  • Colour: White In colour

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Use directly or diluted for regular use, and safe for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. Leaves a fresh and long-lasting fragrance. Suitable For: Floor, Bathroom, form Liquid, Fragrance, Neem, Caution: Not for Human consumption or agricultural use. Contents: Neem extract, Camphor, Vegetable oil, and Terpenoids. Readily biodegradable #Basis lab study. Explore the entire range of Clean Bull Products that are made of only natural products. Use eco-friendly products, like Kitchen cleanersdishwashersfloor cleaners, and Toilet cleaners which benefit both the Earth and your family.

18 Review for Clean Bull Phenyl
Aarav Sharma - 19 Oct, 2020

The Clean Bull Phynel is an excellent cleaning product. It effectively removes stains.

Aisha Patel - 30 Apr, 2022

I am very satisfied with the Clean Bull Phynel. It keeps my home fresh and clean.

Arjun Gupta - 31 Jul, 2021

Clean Bull Phynel is a reliable cleaning solution. It works wonders on tough stains.

Bhavna Joshi - 01 Aug, 2021

I highly recommend the Clean Bull Phynel. It's powerful and leaves no residue.

Devika Singh - 10 Feb, 2023

The Clean Bull Phynel has made cleaning effortless. It's my go-to product now.

Harish Mehta - 04 Jan, 2023

I'm impressed by the versatility of Clean Bull Phynel. It works well on all surfaces.

Ishaan Shah - 18 Feb, 2020

Clean Bull Phynel has a pleasant fragrance and cleans effectively.

Kavya Patel - 25 Jul, 2021

The Clean Bull Phynel has become an essential part of my cleaning routine.

Nandini Reddy - 03 Sep, 2022

I trust the Clean Bull Phynel to keep my home germ-free. It's a fantastic product.

Pranav Desai - 29 Dec, 2020

Clean Bull Phynel is a reliable disinfectant. It keeps my surfaces clean and hygienic.

Riya Sharma - 01 Jun, 2022

The Clean Bull Phynel is a game-changer in cleaning. It delivers outstanding results.

Rohan Patel - 22 Jul, 2020

I'm impressed with the Clean Bull Phynel's effectiveness. It removes stains effortlessly.

Samira Khan - 29 Dec, 2020

Clean Bull Phynel is my favorite cleaning product. It saves me time and effort.

Siddharth Rao - 20 Jun, 2023

I love the Clean Bull Phynel's long-lasting freshness. It keeps my home smelling great.

Tanvi Gupta - 25 Sep, 2021

Clean Bull Phynel is a versatile cleaner. It tackles dirt and grime with ease.

Yashvi Singh - 15 Nov, 2022

The Clean Bull Phynel is worth every penny. It's a top-notch cleaning product.

Zara Bhatt - 22 Dec, 2019

I'm amazed by the Clean Bull Phynel's performance. It exceeds my expectations.

Arnav Sharma - 01 May, 2020

Clean Bull Phynel is my go-to choice for a thorough and effective

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